Another vital fluid and plenty needs to be carried, especially in the remote areas. We fitted a 44 litre water tank under the rear nearside wheel arch with an external lockable tap.


Additionally, a 12 volt Whale pump through a Nature Pure purification filter from General Ecology that claims to filter out all micro organisms and viruses, foul tastes etc. meaning even the foulest of water can be used if desperate. The pump & filter were fitted inside the rear space on the nearside although could be piped to any location. Short hose lead to garden type trigger hose fitting.


We tended to filter water for the kettle and little else, as bottled water was readily available for general drinking. However, in the absence of bottled water I would consider this item essential as you can catch lots of horrible things from untreated water.


My biggest criticism of the water tank is the ease of filling as the filler hole is not that easy to access being just inside door. I would now fit an external locking filler but not let a garage attendant have the key!


In addition to this 44 litres, we kept a 20 litre jerry can, full, on the roof with the fuel containers and could use a 25 litre flat pack designed to sit on the floor in front of the middle seats – never used it. We also kept a 10 litre container full under the middle seats as an absolute emergency. A 10 litre solar shower bag also served as an additional water carrier and handy for the odd shower in remote areas – beware of it becoming scalding hot if exposed to the sun all day.



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