United Republic of Tanzania




Neels Autoworks, Iringa. PO Box 45.

Tel 0744 293043

e mail - [email protected]  

Coordinates - S7 46.401 E35 42.039

Rear nearside axle seals, inner and outer replaced.

Back street garage - very cheap.



The Kabuni 4x4 workshop, Mbeya (ask for Marcus)

Coordinates - S8 56.257 E33 18.230

A community run repair operation with extensive facilities.

Rear suspension shock absorber to axle mounting bracket welded back on - very cheap.

Tanzania Zanzibar




Tanzania at 945,000 km2 (UK 243,000 km2) is bigger than France and Germany together. It has a population of 43,739,000 (UK 62,000,000) and a population density of  46.3 per km2 (UK 255 per km2).


Zanzibar Island has an area of 1464 km2 slightly bigger than Berkshire, an English county.


Tanzania is bordered by 8 countries: Burundi for 451 kms; Democratic Republic of the Congo for 473 kms; Kenya for 769 kms; Malawi for 475 kms; Mozambique for 756 kms; Rwanda for 217 kms; Uganda for 396 kms; and Zambia for 338 kms. It has 1424 kms of Indian Ocean coastline. Formerly Tanganyika.


Low point = sea level: High point = Mount Kilimanjaro 5,892 metres.


Zanzibar remains a semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Capital – Dodoma (although Dar es Salaam is administrative capital)

Capital Zanzibar – Zanzibar Town


Official language

Swahili plus tribal languages, although English is widely spoken. Arabic on Zanzibar.


Entry issues: Passports with 6 months remaining. Visas are required by UK Nationals. 3 months single entry visa cost US$50 each.


Zanzibar has its own Immigration control and a requirement to fill out a medical form but no additional restrictions.


Borders crossings: The Zambia/Tanzania Nakonde/Tunduma was fairly frenetic and long-winded and not for the timid or unwary.

Into and out of Zanzibar reasonably sensible although they require a medical declaration. Getting a driving permit may take time so have an international permit if intending to drive.

The Tanzania/Malawi Mwandenga/Kyela crossing was in complete contrast to the other crossings - deserted and civilised.


Vehicle issues: Carnet de Passage required. Photo driving licence or international licence required. Drive on left. Insurance, third party, for 3 months = US$70, obtained from independent agent touting for business. Disc to be displayed in windscreen.


Motor Vehicle Licence, valid for 30 days = US$20. Renewed at a Tanzanian Revenue Authority office for Tsh27000. Fuel Levy = US$5


2 warning triangles and fire extinguisher required.


For driving on Zanzibar local driving permit required but best to have an International Licence.


Keep all documents to hand, but secure, for frequent police checks. Police and Immigration checks vary in enthusiasm: from full check to fire extinguisher or warning triangle check. Most were, however, very polite. Officials, generally, appeared to be hopeful of extracting something from tourists even if it was food or other gifts. On Zanzibar the police corruption was overt but seemed to be tolerated by the locals.


Petrol and Diesel widely available at most towns and large villages. All garages are cash only, all attended and usually with a screen washer – small tip usual. As with all of Africa, will squeeze as much in as possible, usually leading to spills!

Average cost of diesel per litre = £0.69. (Varied between £0.61 & £0.76)


Banks; ATMs; Credit Cards

ATMs could be a challenge but were available in the larger towns; these worked fine most of the time. Barclays seemed to be the most reliable with the highest withdrawal limit. Credit cards accepted in the larger supermarkets in the larger towns but these were few and far between.


Telephones: International dialling code +255. Fairly good mobile coverage in towns and along major routes. We used Zain although Vodacom also available. Cheap SIMs and top up cards widely available from street sellers.


Time (UTC = Coordinated Universal Time, equal to GMT) = UTC+03

Tanzania, being in east Africa, is one hour behind rest of southern Africa


Currency & UK£ rate at time of visit:

Tanzanian Shilling Tsh

£1 = Tsh2028: 10,000 Shillings = £4.93.




Dates: 24th June 2009 to 6th August 2009

43 Days

Tanzania miles = 3016 miles (4826 kms)

Trip miles = 12835 miles (20536 kms)    




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