Since the vehicle was going to be our home for a year we needed plenty of storage to carry all our possessions, be they everyday items; infrequent items; just-in-case items or emergency items. Packing and re-packing the various boxes became a regular routine for Judi as conditions changed and I gave up trying to find things and just asked her – my saying became; ‘a place for everything and everything in its place, but it changes on a daily basis!’


Frontrunner Rear drawer system – a huge sliding drawer in which we kept much of our cutlery and cooking utensils and a lot of the tins etc. Being a sliding unit it was easy to find stored items. We fitted a handle (from a Land Rover Defender door, internal handle), that fits perfectly onto two of the allen screws, to assist opening on slopes. Also carried was a length of wood to wedge the drawer open on slopes. I had to repair the locking catch on return to the UK to strengthen the attachment points.


Aluminium Storage Boxes – a reasonably small lockable box was bolted onto the roof rack to hold much of the recovery kit such as ropes, straps, strops, shackles, D rings, etc., etc., that could be easily accessed from the bonnet. A much larger aluminium box was bolted in the rear shelving in which was stored larger items and things not needed on a regular basis, as the box was general stacked upon. Bear in mind aluminium makes certain items turn black and wears quite easily - the roof mounted one developed a hole over time.


Wolf Boxes – hard plastic stackable storage boxes measuring approximately 50 cm by 40 cm externally and either 23 or 28 cm high. Very strong with the exception of the plastic catches – we broke many of the 4 per box ones until we replaced them with what looked like later designed ones (black). Ideal for indoor storage but when used on the roof we duct taped up the air holes to keep out the dust and wet. We took 8 of them, 4 flat and 4 high top along with a couple of canvass inserts, but ended up using these canvass bags out of the boxes as our suitcases.


Front Cubby Box – standard fit between the front seats but with a lock fitted. A handy size and it position meant it was secure from prying hands. I would now modify it to take a security safe/strong box underneath; somehow.


Radio Cubby Box – the radio was removed and replaced with a small open cubby box to give additional small item storage but stopped putting anything valuable there as it could be reached through an open window.


Roof netting – netting was rigged up in the roof of the rear passenger section into which soft items such as coats, fleeces, blankets etc. could be stuffed but remain readily available. Netting was also strung in the rear but soon taken down.


Rear Shelving – a strong wooden shelf was fitted in the rear to take 4 low wolf boxes underneath, giving plenty of headroom for more wolf boxes above plus various other items including the freezer.


Centre Seats – knowing we would have visitors joining us during the year we left the seats in situ; without them storage space could be greatly increased, although we managed to stack on, under and behind them.


Rear Dog Guard - much equipment and many items were attached to the front of the guard by stretches or clips making items readily available



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