Roof Racks

Roof Rack (Frontrunner)


See roll cage regarding limits.


We went for the Frontrunner system and had it cut down to fit the available space after the roof tent was fitted directly to the roll cage. This type has crossbars with grooves into which a 13 mm bolt will fit allowing easy fitting of accessories such as wheel carrier, gas bottle holders and tie-downs. Being aluminium it is easily drilled to fit other kit such as hi-lift jack fitting kit. Also strong enough to walk on. Bear in mind that stacking up the roof rack raises the centre of gravity so care must be taken on bends and side slopes, but also increases the height when negotiating under trees and car parks!


Roof rack ladder


Fitted to rear of vehicle to allow access to roof rack. This became redundant once tent was moved to the rear although a secondary feature is acting as a nearside rear light guard. Also handy for hanging things like towells, toilet bag, lights etc.


IMG_7755 IMG_7752