This site tries to cover what is involved in planning an adventure trip and the preparation it takes. The information is restricted to our trip, our vehicle and our journey and in no way attempts to be a substitute for guide books and other erudite works on the various subjects. I would strongly advise anyone planning a similar adventure to make their own researches through books and increasingly the internet, although there is a real danger of information overload allowing minutia to cloud basics. If something feels right then it probably is.


A journey such as ours seemed to us to be fairly tame and sensible but we are sure our families and friends thought otherwise. We met many kindred spirits in Africa, of all ages, undertaking what we thought were real adventures, personified by the young German we met in Zambia cycling from Germany to Cape Town with just his push bike for company.


Although we have been married for many years, for the first time we would be together every minute of every day and that may bring its own strains that have to be dealt with; difficult to go for a walk in the bush to calm down! The reality was that we were travelling on our own to remote places coming into contact with people from different cultures and dangerous wild creatures, both of whom could have the potential to cause us problems. Such isolation could faze many and one needs to be confident that they can cope with being miles from anyone, far from creature comforts and far from help.


In many countries, wild animals walking through camp is an exciting occupational hazard and whilst a healthy respect is required one needs to co-exist. Local cultures and customs often are at variance to those we are used to back home and it cannot be denied that our wealth, regardless of what we may think, is beyond the wildest dreams of many and this has the potential to lead to tensions. Having said that, we found 99.9% of the people with whom we came into contact were friendly, helpful and respectful and for us makes Africa such a wonderful place.


Also for us, the splendid isolation, the close encounters with animals and the wonderful people with whom we came into contact, made the trip all the more special. One will either love Africa or hate it; if you love it, go ahead and explore it as you can. We hope this site and subsequent book goes some way to inspire you to explore Africa.


Africa map jpeg IMG_5225

Malcolm & Judi Collis about to take their Landy to Tilbury Docks, on the Thames, UK, for shipping to Cape Town.