Republic of Namibia

Dates: 15th December 2009 to 11th January 2010

27 Days

Namibia miles = 3594 miles (5750 kms)

Trip miles = 29555 miles (47288 kms)




Namibia at 825,000 km2 (UK 243,000 km2) is the same as Spain and Germany together. It has a population of 2,170,000 (UK 62,000,000) and a population density of per 2.6 km2 (UK 255 per km2), one of the lowest in the world.


Bordered by: Angola for 1376 kms; Zambia for 233 kms; Botswana for 1360 kms; South Africa for 855 kms and Zimbabwe for a few metres. Namibia has a 1572 kms Atlantic coastline. Formerly South-West Africa.


Low point = Sea level: High point = 2573 metres at Königstein in the Brandberg Mountains in the north-west of the country.


Capital - Windhoek


Official Language

English with Afrikaans, German & several other tongues also spoken


Entry issues: Passports with 6 months remaining after departure. Visas not required by UK Nationals for stays up to 3 months. Very relaxed border crossings; allegedly wood and charcoal cannot be imported.


Vehicle issues: Carnet de Passage required. Photo driving licence or international licence required.

Drive on left. Insurance, third party, included in fuel costs. Road Fund Licence = N$180


Checks - Police checks were numerous in the north of the country near the Angolan border but away from here, infrequent.


Petrol and Diesel available at most towns but towns are very few and very far between. All garages are cash only, all attended and usually with a screen washer – small tip usual. As with all of Africa, will squeeze as much in as possible, usually leading to spills!


Average cost of diesel = £0.54


Banks; ATMs; Credit Cards

ATMs mainly available in the larger towns and generally reliable although defied logic – had to call the card a saving account rather than a credit card to work. Credit cards accepted in the larger supermarkets in the larger towns but these too were very few and very far between.


Telephones: International dialling code +264. Sparse mobile coverage mainly in towns and along some major routes. MTC available in shops.


Time (UTC = Coordinated Universal Time, equal to GMT) = UTC+02


Currency & UK£ rate at time of visit

Namibian Dollar N$ (100 cents) - has parity with the rand.

£1 = R13.55 100 Rand = £7.00


Route & Camping Facts