Republic of Malawi

Dates: 6th August 2009 to 1st September 2009

26 Days

Malawi miles = 1874 miles (2998 kms)

Trip miles = 14739 miles (23582 kms)  

Malawi Route & Camping Facts




City Motors Land Rover Garage, Blantyre.

Tel 01670377

Coordinates: S15 47.866 E35 01.157.

Wi-fi when working!

Rear offside trailing arm bracket welded – oval hole made good. New Land Rover rear brake pads. Land Rover prices being a franchised garage.

Malawi at 118,000 km2 (UK 243,000 km2), a fifth of which is water, is slightly smaller than England. It has a population of 15,300,000 (UK 62,000,000) and a population density of per 128.4 km2 (UK 255 per km2) making it one of the more densely populated African nations


A landlocked country dominated by Lake Malawi and bordered by 3 countries: Tanzania for 475 km; Zambia for 837 km; Mozambique for 1569 km. Formerly Nyasaland.


Low point = 37 metres Shire River: High point = 3,002 metres Mulanje Mountain


Capital - Lilongwe


Official language - English & Chichwa


Entry issues: Passports with 3 months remaining after departure. Visas not required by UK Nationals for 90 day stay.

Very relaxed border crossings


Vehicle issues: Carnet de Passage required. Photo driving licence or international licence required. Drive on left. Insurance, third party, for 30 days = US$50, from independent agent within border. Disc to be displayed in windscreen. No requirement to pay Road Toll being a light vehicle.

2 warning triangles and fire extinguisher required.

Keep all documents to hand, but secure, for occasional police checks.


Police checks not as frequent as some countries and all very friendly.


Petrol and Diesel widely available at most towns and large villages. All garages are cash only, all attended and usually with a screen washer – small tip usual. As with all of Africa, will squeeze as much in as possible, usually leading to spills!


Average cost of diesel = £0.90 – by far the most expensive in the region; price appears to be fixed for all garages.


Banks; ATMs; Credit Cards

ATMs could be very challenging, mainly available in the larger towns but even these were a problem. Credit cards accepted in the larger supermarkets in the larger towns but these were very few and very far between.


Telephones: International dialling code +265. Fairly good mobile coverage in towns and along major routes. We used Malawian Zain. Cheap SIMs and top up cards widely available from street sellers.


Time (UTC = Coordinated Universal Time, equal to GMT) = UTC+02


Currency & UK£ rate at time of visit:

Malawian Kwacha MK (MK1 = 100 tambala)

£1 = MK217: 1000 Kwacha = £4.60