As a general driving rule we endeavoured to avoid night driving and the associated dangers: wild animals, domestic animals, pedestrians in dark clothing; cyclist without lights, cars without lights, lorries without lights, unlit broken down vehicles, potholes, obstructions, vehicles emerging from side turns often in disregard of traffic lights, to name but a few. The few times we did end up driving were entertaining if somewhat scary - good lights are a must, if only to survive!


Driving Lights (IPF)


Additional lighting is definitely an added safety feature for night driving to supplement the standard headlights. We fitted twin 130 watt driving lights at headlight level and 4 100 watt spot lights on the roof, although 2 of these were replaced with work lights when the tent was moved. All were wired into the main beam as optional main-beam headlamps and could be switched on and off independently. Top spots excellent for picking up potholes.


Auxiliary Driving lighting


Two front work lights and one rear one. Useful for setting up camp at night and rear one for reversing; front ones not really used except during night driving when, if directed at the nearside verge, useful for picking up hazards when dazzled on dipped beam – probably not legal in Africa though!


General lighting


For general camp lighting we used a 12 volt LED strip light fitted over the rear door along with a 12 volt LED wander lamp with velcro attachment (we placed various strips on side and rear of vehicle for correct positioning). Both were bright and being LED, do not attract insects – a brilliant find. Likewise, if we had 240 volt hook-up we used a wander lamp with a yellow bulb that also does not attract too many insects. This was replaced with a standard table lamp after the monkeys in Zambia chewed the old one – not an ideal replacement. Most of the time the light from the fire was sufficient, supplemented by head torches, ordinary and wind-up torches. We also carried a 12 volt plug-in spot light with headlight bulb for game drives and checking out strange noises in camp!


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