Lesedi Land Rover Garage, Bontlong, Gaborone, Telephone 3912741:

Coordinates S24 40.534 E25 54.368.

New relay fitted to cure electrical fault.

A franchised Land Rover garage, reflected in prices.



The Suspension Clinic, Francistown (Clyde).

Coordinates - S21 09.898 E27 30.130.

Second hand coil springs and shock absorbers to replace single broken front spring; Front disc pads also fitted.  



Lesdi Land Rover Dealer, Francistown.

Plot 9788 Unit 3 Opp. BMC, Francistown

Tel. +267 24 166 01

Visited whilst at Suspension Clinic to top up with spares - Land Rover prices.


Republic of Botswana

Route & Camping Facts

Dates (first visit): 22nd March 2009 to 27th April 2009

36 days

Botswana miles = 2630 miles (4208 kms)

Trip miles = 5224 miles (8358 kms)





Botswana at 582,000 km2 (UK 243,000 km2) is bigger than France. It has a population of 1,950,000 (UK 62,000,000) and a population density of 3.4 per km2 (UK 255 per km2), one of the lowest in the world.


A landlocked country bordered by: Namibia for 1,360 kms; South Africa for 1,840 kms; Zambia for under 1 kms; and Zimbabwe for 813 kms. Formerly Bechuanaland.


Low point = 513 metres on the Limpopo River: High point = 1,494 metres at Monalanong Hills, just north of Mokolodi Nature Reserve.


Capital - Gaborone


Official language

English & Setswana


Entry issues: Passport with 6 months remaining with a few blank pages.

Visas not required for UK Nationals. Normally 30 day entry limit with a maximum 90 days in any calendar year although we got 50 days on first entry as we put down more than 30 days as our intended stay: thereafter we got 30 days following the 2 trips to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe & our long stay in Zimbabwe.


Border crossings very relaxed and hassle-free.


Vehicle issues: Carnet de Passage required – no requirement for it to be stamped within Southern African Common Customs Area (South Africa; Botswana; Swaziland; Lesotho; Namibia) but was. Photo driving licence or international licence required. Drive on left. Insurance, third party, cost 100 pula although we paid in rand - available at borders from officials.


Speed limits often start and finish way outside settlement area so need to be vigilant. Likewise, seat belt laws enforced on any road or track. Main roads leave a lot to be desired in terms of potholes etc.


Lots of road checks, mainly to do with the vet fences controlling meat transfers - generally no red meat can be taken south through the checks but more relaxed going north. At some they issued permits.


Petrol and Diesel widely available at most towns and large villages. All garages are cash only, all attended and usually with a screen washer – small tip usual. As with all of Africa, will squeeze as much in as possible, usually leading to spills!


Average cost of diesel per litre: 1st visit = £0.51; 2nd visit = £0.55.


Banks; ATMs; Credit Cards

Some ATMs could be fickle but in the larger towns worked fine most of the time. Credit cards accepted in the larger supermarkets.


Telephones: International dialling code +267. Fairly good mobile coverage in towns and along major routes. beMobile coverage not as good as Mascom. SIMs cheap and available in many shops along with top up cards.


Time (UTC = Coordinated Universal Time, equal to GMT) = UTC+02


Currency & UK£ rate at time of visit:


£1 = P10.68: 100 Pula = £9.28